The night of San Juan is shrouded in pagan rituals; of which fire and water are the main protagonists
The Fiesta de San Juan (St John the Baptist) will be commended in style at the end of the day this year, as several campfires are set to light up the shorelines along the Costa del Sol.

Noche de San Juan nearly agrees with the mid year solstice, likewise alluded to as Midsummer. The Christian heavenly day is praised on 24 June, yet in many nations merriments are held the prior night, on the eve of St John.

Blazes were lit to secure against the shrewd spirits that were said to wander openly when the sun turned towards the south. It is said that hopping over the fire three times will consume with smoldering heat ones issues and a midnight plunge in the ocean is said to clean and cleanse the spirit.

As indicated by convention, the water is at its purest on the eve of San Juan, so it is asserted to recuperate skin illnesses and allow joy for the following 12 months.

At midnight, immense firecracker shows stamp the landing of San Juan and the revelers celebrate with music and the conventional barbecuing of sardines over open flames.

The most limited night of the year touches base with uncommon force on the Malagueta shoreline in Malaga city, and notwithstanding the firecrackers, unrecorded music and the conventional “espetos” (flame broiled sardines on a stick), midnight sees the consuming of the ‘juas’, a cloth doll like the Guy Fawkes representation.

Torre del Mar commends the night with an immense shoreline party on the Paseo Maritimo Levante. Festivities move at 8pm with live groups, DJs and excitement, and a challenge for the best ‘jua’. The gathering proceeds with well into the early hours.

The Moraga de San Juan in Torremolinos happens in the Plaza del Remo in Carihuela. “Moraga” intends to ‘cook in the outdoors’ and alludes to the custom of flame broiling sardines on the shoreline.

A vast bar will be raised on the shoreline serving beverages and tapas, and obviously sardines, and the night will highlight live groups and music.

The firecracker show will begin at midnight, after which several individuals will set out toward the ocean keeping in mind the end goal to wash away their transgressions and sprinkle their face in the water with a specific end goal to save excellence for the following twelve months.

Other San Juan parties occur in Benalmádena Costa, alongside the Bil Castle, and furthermore in Marbella, where indulgent occasions are made arrangements for Nikki Beach. The holiday will likewise be regarded on the Sonora Beach in Estepona.

Certain celebrations appear to compress life in Spain, with its affection for having a decent time, and the Night of San Juan is unquestionably one of these occasions.

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